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Bronze for the MRCT

The MRCT obtained the Bronze award in the Eco-Logic Eco-Community Awards

Ecologic Awards, Eco-Community

The Eco-Logic Awards identify individuals, organisations and communities that positively contribute towards a sustainable world. Each year, we invite individuals and organisations to submit their eco-logical products, services, projects or initiatives under 13 environmental categories to be evaluated  by a panel of highly respected and environmentally aware Judges.

The MRCT volunteers proudly show casing their certificates.

The MRCT has entered into the awards on three separate occasions and are delighted to have been finalist and obtain the Bronze award for Eco-Community.

“Our volunteers work really hard and sacrifice a lot to make their community a better place and this award just gives us a boost to continue and knowing that we are recognized” - MRCT Director, Danielle.  


The Eco-Community Award are for a community or school that has acted collectively and effectively to protect, preserve, or restore the Earth's biodiversity, eco-systems, or natural resources. Read here about the winners.

Directors Elizabeth Maans and Danielle Cronje representing at the Eco-Logic Awards hosted at the Two Ocean Aquarium.


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