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About Mosselbank River Conservation Team


Observing the impact that pollution had on the river, local resident Ms Elizabeth Maans, decided to take hands with a few residents and conducted their own clean-ups in 2016. The local developer then had the responsibility to rehabilitate the Mosselbank River Wetlands and approached Ms Maans to engage with local community leaders to start a volunteer team to involve the community in the rehabilitation project. Out of this the Mosselbank River Conservation Team (MRCT) was born. In 2017 the team started with five volunteers who came together and tackle some of the area's environmental issues, but more specific issues related to the Mosselbank Wetlands. Today we have 21 registered members and in 2021 we registered the organisation as a NPC and NPO.


Our Mission

At Mosselbank River Conservation Team, our mission is to protect wetlands and promote environmental education. We believe that by working together, we can make a difference in preserving the natural beauty of Mosselbank River and its surrounding wetlands. Our volunteers are passionate about conservation and are dedicated to educating the community about the importance of wetlands in our ecosystem. We strive to create a sustainable future for our community and for generations to come.

Our Directors

The Directors of MRCT are a team of community leaders who are committed to making a difference in the lives of the people and in the environment around them. Our Directors are passionate about creating positive change and have the skills, knowledge and experience to make it happen. The Directors have served as volunteers of the MRCT since 2017.

Our Team Members

Our dedicated MRCT volunteer team member are Elizabeth, Zolelwa, Hilda, Buseka, Sannie, Charmaine, Victoria, Marius, Ragel, John, Christopher, Lennon, Sha-Shalee, Magdalena,  Jaylene, Aphiwe ,Danielle,  Luciano & Mivarne.

Our Objectives


Rehabilitation & Conservation

See to it that the river and associated wetlands is restored to its natural state and becomes a thriving environment with a range of benefits for the local Greenville and Fisantekraal community.


Environmental Education

To ensure the Greenville Environmental Education Collaborative is enhanced and promoted in the community
through expanding our partnerships with local churches, schools, conservation organisation


Monitoring & Advocacy

To improve data collection and reporting of same in order to improve decision making. 

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