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MWW Visits the Tygerberg Nature Reserve

Nature Reserve, Youth Eco-Club

The MRCT’s Youth Club, The Mosselbank Wetland Wonderers, joined  the Durbanville Lions Club for a Full Moon hike at the Tygerberg Nature Reserve on 25 March 2024.

MWW at the top of the hill.

Tygerberg Nature Reserve is situated in the northern suburbs and covers 388 hectares. It was proclaimed as a Local Authority Nature Reserve in 1973 and supports one of the last remnants of the critically endangered Swartland shale renosterveld. The eastern slope of the hill consists of old ploughed fields and is in the process of being restored, whereas the western slope is near-pristine Swartland shale renosterveld.

Flora Biodiversity

The reserve boasts over 560 plant species, of which 23 are on the IUCN Red List, eight are endemic to Cape Town and three are endemic to Tygerberg itself. “Heuweltjies”, which are circles of different vegetation created by termites, give the hills a spotted appearance.

Fauna Biodiversity

In 2010 approximately 24 mammal species were confirmed, including the Cape fox, honey badger and striped weasel. These species are a significant indication that ecological corridors are still available through and around the Tygerberg Nature Reserve and that these areas can cater for the needs of species with large home ranges, such as the honey badger.

Message from our eco-warriors

"My Favourite part of the trip was the hiking and the flowers and the animals and where we took photos." - Melony

"My Favourite part of the trip was to see the beautiful cross with the light." - Marshelino

"My Favourite part of the trip was the hiking. We walk together as a group, making jokes, laugh and the nature and the beautiful flowers". - Ubhenecia

Thank you to Nature Connect and the Table Mountain Fund for supporing the eco youth club.


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