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Mosselbank Wetland Wonderers (MWW)

The purpose of the Mosselbank River Conservation Team’s Wetland Wonderer's project is to grow environmental awareness among local youth, particularly of wetland ecosystems, and foster stewardship of the Mosselbank wetlands. The project aims to achieve this through interactive eco-experiences for 15 to 20 local youth.

Project Objectives

Environmental Stewardship

Increase conservation awareness about wetlands. With the aim of instilling a sense of responsibility and stewardship for the Mosselbank wetlands and promoting community solutions to protect and preserve wetland ecosystems.



Provide opportunities for hands-on experiences in wetland environments, such as guided nature walks, bird watching, alien clearing and wetland planting days.

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Creative Expression

Integrate artistic and creative activities into the club to encourage self-expression and reflection on the beauty of wetlands.

MWW Members

This project is supported by the Table Mountain Fund and Nature Connect.

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