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Our EE Collaborative

The Environmental Education

The MRCT contributes to the broader Environmental Education (EE) Programme/ collaborative, launched in June 2017 by Garden Cities NPC (RF), which allows individuals to explore environmental issues, engage in problem solving and take action to improve the environment with hands-on support from key stakeholders such as local residents, shop owners, farmers and local government. The broad vision of the collaborative is that it ultimately becomes an enabler for transformative environmental governance particular the sustainable management of freshwater resources in Greenville.


Environmental Events

Since the launch of the Greenville Environmental Education (EE) Programme in July 2017, MRCT has hosted more than 30 environmental events in Fisantekraal. The team takes big environmental days, such as World Wetlands Day, Arbor Day and Recycling Week and plan various activities around their particular topics for the year. The key to successful events is the partnerships with local municipality and community-based organisations.


Community Clean-Up Days

To date, MRCT have hosted 45 community clean-ups. The clean-ups are conducted in the areas that require the most attention, mainly, the river corridor, illegal dumping hot spots, streets and parks. On-site separation is done and recyclables are given to LW Recycling and Trade and non-recyclable plastics to CRDC's The Bag that Builds.


Capacity Building

Our Non-profit organisation provides capacity building through training and workshops in the community. We invest in our volunteers by giving them the necessary skills they need to be successful. We also conduct workshops in the community to help members of the community become more self-sufficient.


Advocacy and Lobbying

Our Advocacy and Lobbying program works to raise awareness about wetland conservation and advocate for policies that protect these vital ecosystems. Our volunteers work with local and national government officials to promote wetland conservation.


Research and Monitoring

Our Research and Monitoring program is dedicated to monitoring the health of Mosselbank River and its surrounding wetland habitats. Our volunteers collect data on water quality, biodiversity, and other key indicators, helping to inform our conservation efforts and reporting to local authority. 


Social Media and Outreach

Our Social Media and Outreach program is dedicated to raising awareness about our conservation efforts and engaging with our community on topics such as illegal dumping. Our volunteers manage our social media accounts, create content, roll out door-to-door campaings and work to build relationships with our supporters.


Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is essential for the long term sustainability of any programme. Our non-profit organisation seeks to build relationships with all relevant stakeholders, such as beneficiaries, funders, government and the local community, to ensure the success of our programmes. We strive to build partnerships with all stakeholders to create a lasting positive impact.

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