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Table Mountain Fund small grant recipients

The Mosselbank Wetland Wonderers

Eco-club, Youth, Wetlands, Educaiton

The MRCT is excited to announce the roll out of a new project. The Mosselbank Wetland Wonderers, a youth eco-club, which will be funded by Nature Connect and the Table Mountain Fund. The members of the club will be youth that have volunteered with the MRCT and showed dedication to the programme. They will be taken on excursions such as Nature Hikes, the Aquarium and Table Mountain while learning about wetlands and the Cape Floristic Region.

Eco-Warriors of the MRCT and future members of the eco-club.

Project Objectives

  • Increasing conservation awareness about wetlands. With the aim of instilling a sense of responsibility and stewardship for the Mosselbank wetlands and promoting community solutions to protect and preserve wetland ecosystems.

  • Provide opportunities for hands-on experiences in wetland environments, such as guided nature walks, bird watching, alien clearing and wetland planting days.

  • Integrate artistic and creative activities into the club to encourage self-expression and reflection on the beauty of wetlands.


  • Conduct clean-ups at a river, park, wetland or beach;

  • Assist in the community food garden;

  • Attend community clean-ups;

  • Conduct wetland-based planting days;

  • Conduct outings that provide an eco-experience opportunity;

  • Conduct a snake and reptile awareness day;

  • Conduct MiniSASS surveys;

  • Conduct at least one art competition.

Read more about the funded projects here.


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