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Wetlands and human Wellbeing

This was the message for this year’s annual World Wetlands Day on 2 February

World Wetlands Day, Mosselbank Wetlands, Community Conservation

Nestled between farmlands and urbanization lies the Mosselbank Wetlands in Greenville Fisantekraal. Very easily missed, yet plays a vital role for humans, other ecosystems and for our climate, providing essential ecosystem services, such as water regulation, including flood control and water purification. Wetlands are critical to people and nature, given the intrinsic value of these ecosystems, and their benefits and services, including their environmental, climate, ecological, social, economic, scientific, educational, cultural, recreational and aesthetic contributions to sustainable development and human wellbeing.

The seasonal Valley-Bottom Mosselbank River in June 2023.

Wetlands Clean-up

The MRCT hosted a wetlands community clean-up on Saturday, 3 February in celebration of World Wetlands Day. With 40 volunteers from the local community, we managed to collect 46 bags – 128 Kg of litter diverted from polluting the river and seasonal wetlands.  The volunteers also pledged to keep the Mosselbank Wetlands clean by signing the pledge poster.

Mosselbank River Facts

  • The Mosselbank River system provides ecologically significant seasonal wetland habitat that is still hydrologically and geomorphologically intact, especially with the ongoing habitat rehabilitation.

  • The river and its associated valley-bottom wetland act as an important corridor for fauna and/or flora within a largely transformed landscape.

  • The system fulfils a number of important functional roles within the catchment, mostly associated with erosion control and the dissipation of flood waters.

Make sure to visit our Events page to save the dates for future clean-ups and events.


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