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140 Bags (470kg) divered from rivers and stormwater infrastructure

World Clean-up Day, Community Clean-up

The Mosselbank River Conservation Team’s (MRCT) vision is ensuring the wellbeing of our community and environment through environmental education and conservation of the Mosselbank River and therefor participating in World Clean-up Day aligns with our vision as an organisation. World Clean-up Day is a global social action program aimed at combating the global solid waste problem, including the problem of marine debris. The first World Clean-up Day was September 15, 2018 and this year the MRCT hosted their 6th World Clean-up Day in Fisantekraal. Over the course of five World Clean-up Day events, the MRCT has collected 3.3 tons of general waste and 970kg recyclables.

Group photo with volunteers and the City of Cape Town’s Bingo

Target area

We had a total of 93 registered volunteers participate, mostly children from Greenville and wider Fisantekraal and residents from Durbanville area. The target area for the clean-up was the Fisantekraal Taxi Rank and adjacent open areas such as a stormwater pond. It is important to clean these areas otherwise the litter end up in the stormwater drains and ponds, which in return ends up in the Mosselbank River, which causes water pollution and have detrimental effects further downstream and ultimately the ocean.

Bingo's 4 R's

In total, 140 bags were collected, which amounts to 470kg. 78 bags of materials will be recycled by LW Recycling and Trade and/or reused by CRDC’s RESIN8, a breakthrough Eco-Aggregate made from mixed plastic waste and utilized in concrete products. Items collected were plastic bottles, plastic and cardboard packaging, chip packets, shopping bags, diapers among others. After our clean-up, the City of Cape Town’s Bingo surprised the children and talked to them about the 4 R’s “Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”.

Photos by MP-Studio∙PhotoGraphy

Thank you to our partners and sponsors, World Clean-up Day SA, PlasticsSA, African Marine Waste Network, Pam Golding Properties Center for Regenerative Design & Collaboration (CRDC) SA, LW Recycling and trade, Durbanville Lions Club and the City of Cape Town.


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